Weddings & Private Events

Painting by Lauri Keener (Gavin Wedding, June 2014)
Painting by Lauri Keener
(Gavin Wedding, June 2014)

The ultimate hippie wedding band!

DPO has played many weddings and private parties in the past, and frankly we love doing it. It is very special to take part in these important events, and it is an honor to share it with our friends and fans.


The Dead/Phish repertoire provide a vast selection of great songs, especially when one factors in the material that the Jerry Garcia Band used to play–Motown, blues classics, etc.  This gives us the ability to create a setlist that is pleasing to the “heads” in the wedding party, and also the parents, grandparents, and others who may not be familiar with the music.  We can do quiet jazzy or folky sets for earlier in the evening, and we can go big when it gets late.

If DPO plays your wedding (or other private event) we will be happy to work  with you to put together a setlist that works for everybody there.  We are even willing to learn specific songs if we don’t already know them, even outside of the Dead/Phish world, if they are especially important to the hosts of the party.

Logistics and volume

DPO travels with our own P.A. system, as well as a small lighting rig…enough to give you a great show and a rock and roll experience.  However, we are well aware that at a wedding or similar event, and we don’t want to make Grandma’s eardrums bleed.  We’ll be as loud (or quiet) as you want us to be.


The price will depend on a few factors–namely, how long the event will take, how far we have to travel, and a few other logistical and technical issues.

Please contact DPO if you are interested, and we can get the details and come up with the price.